April Scrappy Sunday - Week Four

Happy Easter!

I am hosting the last week in Paper Craft Planet's April Scrappy Sunday.  I am so glad to host these challenges, because it gives me the motivation I need to start digital scrapbooking again.

When I was creating layouts in March for the April Sunday Scrappy challenges, I didn't even think about week four landing on Easter. I could have created a layout to correspond with the holiday. I didn't think that far ahead, so my layout is about seasons.

This week we're focusing on Creative Ideas for Events and Holidays: Capture a full year of memories on a single page. Some ideas for this type of layout can be everyone's birthday on one page, a highlight page of the year, a picture a month of a very cute puppy or like I did all the seasons of the year. 

I haven't been posting, because I am without my laptop.  It died on me!  I ordered a new battery and that didn't work, so I think my five year old laptop is toast.  I have been researching to find a replacement.  My laptop was a Dell and now I am going to leap head first into the MAC world.  I have been saving a little to get a MAC, but didn't think I would be buying one so soon.  Ouch!  The price of a MAC is more than a PC; however, I am ready to dive in and spend the money.

During my research, I found out I could buy an iMac and iPad 2 for the same price as the laptop I am considering.  Hmmm!  I am leaning towards the iMac and iPad combo.  Since I digital scrap and dabble in photography I want an above average computer that comes with an above average price.  LOL!

I will be making my purchase either this week or next, so please bear with me a little longer.  Then I will be back to blogging on a regular basis and creating tutorials.  I will need to take advantage of the free classes at the Apple Store, so I can learn the new software.

Thanks for staying with me during this transition.

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{Lynn - that's me!} said...

This is a great layout Kim. Documenting the seasons in this way, I'm sure, brought back lots of memories.

Good luck with the new computer purchase. Buying a computer ranks up there with buying a new car. It's a big investment - you want to get it right because you will have it for a long time, and we can't seem to get along without either. =)


Jeanne said...

Hope you had a lovely Easter and that the storms didn't affect your area too badly.

What a terrific layout. Love the pictures! Like Lynn said, I'll bet they brought back a ton of memories.

So sorry to hear that the laptop did, in fact, go kaput. Good luck with your decision on the new one. I'm not really familiar with Macs, but the combo set sounds good to me! I'm sure you'll make the best decision for you. I'm not going anywhere, so post when you can.


Sally L said...

I really like this layout. Cute!

I LOVE my Mac! It is one of the best purchases we made. It is so user friendly and the classes at the Apple store are great. Good luck!!

Sparkle said...

Such a lovely layout!

wendyp said...

loving this layout!!! You are rocking the digi layouts, Kim!