Computer Woes

I am having computer woes today and will be until next week.  My laptop will not turn on, because my battery is totally drained.  I didn't not know a laptop wouldn't work just because there is no juice in the battery.  Yes, I do have an AC adapter for my laptop, but it still needs a battery to run.  My DH has been telling me to get a new battery for months and I kept saying, "I know."  Well, I know NOW.  I could be up and running today; however, the battery in town cost $130.00 and one on the internet cost $32.00.  I decided to save the $100 and put it in my MAC fund.  I am trying to save the money to buy a new MAC computer.

SO.....I won't have the new battery until Tuesday (I think) and then I have to charge it before I use it.  All my editing programs are on my laptop.  My DH's computer is archaic, so we don't keep much on it.  At least I have access to the internet and my emails.  I would go crazy without that.

Maybe this will get me back to stamping, since I can't play in Photoshop will my pictures.  There is always a bright side.  I learned that from my mom.

In addition, I am selling a bunch of retired stamp sets (from another company...wink wink).  If you want a list of what I am selling, please email me and I will send you a list. They are more than 50% off.  This money is going to my MAC fund too and free up space in my craft room.

Have a great day!

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Jeanne said...

Arghhhh! Oh no! What a pain. I'm sorry this happened. But, as you say, it will give you time to play in another area. I like your looking for a bright side. *Ü*

Have fun with whatever you decide to work on! And good luck saving up for your Mac.

Donna said...

Computers, we love them and we don't ~!