Need to Laugh

My mom sent me this and it is the cutest!  If you need a laugh today, this will definitely give you one.


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girlia said...

omg! the baby's laughing is priceless. Good that this memory is captured digitally. tfs

Jeanne said...

Fabulous! That baby's laugh is precious. Thanks for sharing.

We eat lunch at a local school (they offer a free summer lunch program for kids 18 & under) and this year there is a family with a baby girl, about 3-4 months, I think. Anyway yesterday I watched her as her brother made faces at her and she laughed and laughed. Not quite as robust as the baby in the video but her facial expressions were so cute. This video made me think of her.


Barb said...

Soooooo sweet! I love to hear baby laughter.