Napping Buddies

Thanks for your comments about my first video tutorial. Now, that I know how to create one I will be able to make more.

I thought it was safe to make my tutorial, because my boys and husband were out of the house and then THAT DARN CAT! Yes Jeanne, that noise in the background is the cat's automatic litter box. I didn't notice it, when I was taping the tutorial. When I watched it I couldn't believe what I heard. How did he know to go in his room and interrupt my quiet household? I wasn't going to start from scratch, so I left it hoping no one would notice. I was are astute, Jeanne! I will turn it off next time....LOL!

Some of you asked questions about how I made the tutorial. Here are the answers:

All my inspiration is from Dawn at Dawn's Stamping Thoughts. I love her videos and wanted to try them too! I used my digital camera on a tripod in front of my chest and I worked around it. I have Windows Movie Maker (which Dawn uses) and downloaded it there to work with it. Thank God for my nephew Jacob, who walked me through how to write instructions on the video and how to publish it. Then I opened a You Tube account and uploaded it to my account there. Once it was uploaded I copied the tag to the Edit Html tab in blogger. Viola it was finished! It did take most of the day to figure out, but now I know how to complete the process. Next time it should be a little smoother, especially if I turn off the cat box. Hee Hee!

I am posting early today, because I have a technique class tonight. I really like this layout, because of my wonderful boys and cat. They are such great buddies. Who am I kidding? I like all of my layouts, because that is the reason I started this hobby in the first place.


Paper - Free Spirit Level 2 paper pack, cocoa cardstock, dutch blue cardstock, white daisy cardstock

Stamp sets - Homestead alphabet, Memory Labels, solo "c"

Ink - dutch blue, cocoa

Embellishments - creative clips, pewter bigger brads, Free Spirit My stickease, dimensional elements simple alphabet (lowercase), dimensional elements ribbon accents, twilight designer ribbon rounds, cocoa organdy ribbon, pewter photo clip

Happy Stamping!
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Connie said...

Wow! Another great layout. The pictures are so cute. I really like all the accesories and how you slanted the word buddies. Great job!

Jeanne said...

This layout looks terrific! You cat looks eerily like ours. Except ours has lost a lot of weight and is no longer quite as "fluffy." But the coloring could make them twins!

Thanks for letting me know I wasn't losing my mind when I heard that noise in your video. LOL

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