Alan Gratz visit

It has been a while since I blogged.  I thought I was going to be diligent about posting weekly but it just didn't happen.  Baseball season started at the end of March and it seems those months were a whirlwind.  We had a lot of tournaments and travel this year.  Before all the baseball action, Tanner and I got to go to the library when Alan Gratz visited.  

Both Tanner and I have read a couple of his books.  It was nice to hear him talk about how he became an author and his writing process.  Tanner was able to have his books signed by Mr. Gratz and his picture taken with him.  Working at the middle school library as an assistant has given me the chance to read books Tanner likes and have our own little book club with discussions.

I completed this layout using Becky Higgins phone app called Project Life.  If you haven't used it, you should check it out.  Quick layouts that look great and can be done anywhere.

Take time to create,


Hangin' With Cal State

Tanner's baseball team got to hang out with Cal State Fullerton when they came to the College World Series in 2017.  It was fun for the boys to shag balls for this team.  I love this layout design that let me choose a feature photo on both sides.  The template is another free one I got years ago called MS Template.  The paper is DDBN_DM_Paper 1, Igrier_pengielove_pp2 and KMILL_Bkgrd_3.

Now, that I am back scrapbooking I will be taking more pictures during this baseball season.  Their team got some new spiffy uniforms with great colors.  It is funny how I notice colors more when I am scrapping.  There are so many choices for paper and so little time.  LOL!

Take time to create.

God bless,


Don't forget to click on the photo to enlarge it.

Experience Trophy Fishing

Tanner went on a fishing trip with Dad and Grandpa Burmeister in 2016.  The trip was in September, so he had to miss a few days of school.  We thought this would be a perfect time to go since he was in sixth grade.  When he got to middle school and high school it would be harder for him to miss school.  It was a perfect GUY vacation.

They had a 13-hour bus ride and as you can see by the first photo in the row he used his iPad to pass the time.  We always tease Tanner that he has to have "gamey" with him and he is the one we have to place time limits on his gaming.  During this ride there wasn't a time limit, so he was happy to keep occupied with his "buddy".

Once they got there they had a reception with appetizers waiting for them.  Tanner had said that is one thing you didn't worry about was food.  There was always plenty.  They even got to eat the fish they caught.

Tanner was thrilled with his fish and it ended up being the third biggest catch of the week.

The supplies I used to make this layout are:

Template 32 which was free in 2009.  I have no idea who made it.

I chose this paper combination for the circles that reminded me of fish scales.  After I finally chose the paper, which takes longer than I think it will I forgot to write down the name of the paper.  Ugh!  I looked through my digital papers on my computer three times and I couldn't find which ones I used.  I decided to stop looking and just say they were free seven years ago.  Then I had a great idea...if I saved the papers I opened maybe just maybe the name of the paper would appear.  It did!  Now, I know I don't have to search through my files anymore.

Paper: jbillingsley.kickrainboots - papers 2 &4.

Cancun, Mexico

We had so much fun last summer on our Carribean trip to Cancun, Mexico.  It was the first time we went out of the country on vacation.  We had to plan our trip after baseball season, which ends in July.  SO, it was HOT!  It was worth it though.  Our boys loved snorkeling right off the beach and making their mom squirm talking about all the creatures they saw underwater.  

I do not like swimming with fish, but as long as I could see the bottom I was okay.  The resort was beautiful and we had fun-filled relaxing days.  We were ready to head back to the good ole USA by the time our vacation ended.  

In order to see the details of the layout, just click on the photo.

I used a template from J2MT that I got for free back in 2010.  I really like how I was able to use a lot of photos on this layout.  The papers are DI_MOS_Papers 7 & 8.  

I hope you take time to create.

God bless,


Toadally Cute

This layout is perfect for our youngest son.  He is the clown of the family, who always makes me laugh.  I hope he never loses his silly side.  I have so much fun with him even when we are just shopping for a pair of shoes.  He will always make a mundane task a laughable moment.

This Toadally Cute template is from A-Manda Creations.  Now, these type of templates are fast and easy.  Just open in Photoshop Elements and add your pictures under the template layer.  Then resize the pictures to fit the frame and you are good to go.  Your page is done in seconds.  I don't have many of these templates, but as quick as this was I just might buy some more.

Take time to create.

Have a blessed day,



I decided to use one of my free digital scrapbook templates I downloaded WAY back in 2010.  This is what I really like about digital scrapbooking.  You can keep files for a long time because they do not take much space in your home.  They only take up space on your computer.  

I got this download from Studio Jen, copyright Jen Caput (2007).  I love how I was able to use different paper combos behind my picture.  The paper collection was also a free download named DDBN_DBM_Papers 1-12.  I love the bright colors with the chocolate brown.  

The bonus on this page is the way the journaling wraps around the circle in the middle of the page.  I always think these pages are going to be "uber" fast to put together, but I still take the most time choosing just the right paper combination.

I hope you are finding some way to be creative.

Have a blessed day,


Vision Board 2018

Have you heard of vision boards?  Do you create vision boards?  This is my first one.  I heard so many of my friends talking about them, but thought I am not going to do one of those.  I was not even sure what I should put on one if I made it.  It is like New Year's Resolutions, but more detailed.

I used to make a New Year's Resolution and it would last maybe a month.  Then life would get busy in some way or another and I would just stop thinking about it and focus on life in general.  I decided to jump on board 😁 (pun intended) and make a vision board this year.  Once I decided, I knew exactly how I was going to create it.  Have you heard about Becky Higgin's Project Life app?  That is what I used here.  I can create on my phone while waiting for the boys, standing in line, sitting in front of the television, laying in bed at night.  Perfect for life nowadays.

I challenge you to create a vision board if you haven't created one yet.  I have gotten more done in a day now that I have written my goals down.  Don't forget to make your goals SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely).

Have a blessed day,


I'm Back

Yes, I am going to start posting again.  There might be some questions.  What have I been doing?  Do I make cards anymore?  Do I scrapbook?

I have been involved in many different activities since I have written the post End of Chapter.  Mainly, I have been enjoying our two boys and what they were doing.  Since they are growing up and don't "need" their mother as much, I have started getting back into my hobbies.  Some I don't do and some have changed a little.  I have even added some.

I hope you join me again.  I am not sure how often I will post.  I hope to bring you some inspiration, happiness and just life in general.  To answer one of the questions I am scrapbooking, but not the traditional way, so you will definitely see those.

In addition, I see the 3rd party hosting images on my page and am trying to figure out how to fix them.  I am hoping my new posts won't have these ugly images on them.

Until the next time, which won't be too long.

Have a great day,


End of a Chapter.....

I have ended a chapter in my life that started in 2006.  I signed up to be a Close To My Heart consultant then.  Over time, I realized my creativity switched from scrapbooking to cards, and resigned at CTMH to sign up as a Demo with Stampin' Up!

During my time with CTMH, I was honored to be on the Design Team of Molly Stamps.  Molly Stamps is where I met my friend and mentor Susanna Boyd.  She asked me to be a member of her new site, Paper Craft Planet.  I was so thrilled to be part of an exciting adventure and talented team.

Last year, my life changed where I could not give the time and effort Susanna deserved, so I resigned from Paper Craft Planet.  Now, I have resigned my Demo at Stampin' Up!  I have been creating photo books online and see my creativity going in that direction.

I wanted to thank all of you for spending your time with me on my blog.  I have appreciated all your comments, suggestions and encouragement over the years.

I will not be shutting down my blog.  I will leave it up as a resource for stamping projects for both Close To My Heart and Stampin' Up!.  Every project I have made is tagged and listed in the sidebar by stamp set.  Just look under Stamping Creations on the sidebar to find all the projects.  I hope you are inspired to create.