Hangin' With Cal State

Tanner's baseball team got to hang out with Cal State Fullerton when they came to the College World Series in 2017.  It was fun for the boys to shag balls for this team.  I love this layout design that let me choose a feature photo on both sides.  The template is another free one I got years ago called MS Template.  The paper is DDBN_DM_Paper 1, Igrier_pengielove_pp2 and KMILL_Bkgrd_3.

Now, that I am back scrapbooking I will be taking more pictures during this baseball season.  Their team got some new spiffy uniforms with great colors.  It is funny how I notice colors more when I am scrapping.  There are so many choices for paper and so little time.  LOL!

Take time to create.

God bless,


Don't forget to click on the photo to enlarge it.

Experience Trophy Fishing

Tanner went on a fishing trip with Dad and Grandpa Burmeister in 2016.  The trip was in September, so he had to miss a few days of school.  We thought this would be a perfect time to go since he was in sixth grade.  When he got to middle school and high school it would be harder for him to miss school.  It was a perfect GUY vacation.

They had a 13-hour bus ride and as you can see by the first photo in the row he used his iPad to pass the time.  We always tease Tanner that he has to have "gamey" with him and he is the one we have to place time limits on his gaming.  During this ride there wasn't a time limit, so he was happy to keep occupied with his "buddy".

Once they got there they had a reception with appetizers waiting for them.  Tanner had said that is one thing you didn't worry about was food.  There was always plenty.  They even got to eat the fish they caught.

Tanner was thrilled with his fish and it ended up being the third biggest catch of the week.

The supplies I used to make this layout are:

Template 32 which was free in 2009.  I have no idea who made it.

I chose this paper combination for the circles that reminded me of fish scales.  After I finally chose the paper, which takes longer than I think it will I forgot to write down the name of the paper.  Ugh!  I looked through my digital papers on my computer three times and I couldn't find which ones I used.  I decided to stop looking and just say they were free seven years ago.  Then I had a great idea...if I saved the papers I opened maybe just maybe the name of the paper would appear.  It did!  Now, I know I don't have to search through my files anymore.

Paper: jbillingsley.kickrainboots - papers 2 &4.

Cancun, Mexico

We had so much fun last summer on our Carribean trip to Cancun, Mexico.  It was the first time we went out of the country on vacation.  We had to plan our trip after baseball season, which ends in July.  SO, it was HOT!  It was worth it though.  Our boys loved snorkeling right off the beach and making their mom squirm talking about all the creatures they saw underwater.  

I do not like swimming with fish, but as long as I could see the bottom I was okay.  The resort was beautiful and we had fun-filled relaxing days.  We were ready to head back to the good ole USA by the time our vacation ended.  

In order to see the details of the layout, just click on the photo.

I used a template from J2MT that I got for free back in 2010.  I really like how I was able to use a lot of photos on this layout.  The papers are DI_MOS_Papers 7 & 8.  

I hope you take time to create.

God bless,