Valentine Gifts

We went to my parents last weekend and when we got home I found a package of goodies in our mailbox from my friend, Barb at The Buzz.  Thank you, Barb!  You are sooo sweet!  Look at the Valentine gift she sent me.

This is what is inside the cute little decorated cylinders.  The haven't made an easel card yet.  Maybe this will get me to make one.  I love these little flowers she made from an old novel and of course...chocolate!

We exchanged Valentine gifts at my parents, but my DH and boys didn't make a card until after we got back. My card always has something to do with the present they give me.  This year I asked for Wii Fit Plus.  See how they spelled "we".  I love it!

The inside is so sweet!  I love how my DH lets the boys help him color and draw the images.  I keep all of my cards in a scrapbook.  Oh, how I love my boys!

Have fun creating!
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Sharli said...

Ohhh, this is such a sweet, heartfelt card! I love hand-made cards (well, duh, huh) but I mean, especially when our children make them for us. Just darling!

Barb's valentine with flowers and chocolate is pretty awesome, too! Yay for Barb!


Lynn Mercurio said...

Oh Kim - this card from your DH and boys is precious...a real keeper for sure...filled with love. PRICELESS!

Jeanne said...

Absolutely LOVEly! Barb sure went to town didn't she? she is so sweet! And your Valentine is priceless! Wow!

Thanks so much for sharing and do a couple of routines for me, okay? I'm still pining for a Wii. LOL

Barb said...

"Your boys" did an outstanding job on your card! I am so impressed! How wonderful keeping all your cards in a scrapbook. I'll have to look into doing that.

Glad you got the Wii Fit Plus too...I hear it's quite the workout!

It is my pleasure to create things for you...enjoy!