Playing with Actions

I have taken a couple of online classes regarding action with Amanda from Everyday Elements.  I need a lot more practice and I need to review my class materials and tutorials.  I decided to take the time to play with a picture I took of Tanner on Christmas day.  This is his new buddy "Spike".  It is a pillow.  It is a pet.  It is a pillow pet.  I have heard him say that so many times.  LOL!

The first picture is straight of out the camera (SOOC).  

This picture is using Deep 1 & 2 Actions from Amanda at Everyday Elements.

 This is after I used the two deep cleans and added AMP Berries & Cream Action from Amy McMaster.

 This is after I used the two deep cleans from Amanda and added Coffeeshop Simply Vintage from Rita

Oh!  If I had more time or slept less, I could play more.

Which one do you like?

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Pamela O'Connor said...

Oh, thanks for sharing! One of my goals for 2011 is to learn to use actions in PSE. Great job!

Betty S. said...

Lovely picture. I like #'s 2 and 3 best. #2 is brighter than the rest.
I love "Spike"

Jeanne said...

Cute boy with a cute Spike. *Ü* Personally, I like the sooc shot, with maybe the background lightened a little, but of the ones with the actions, I prefer the second one, it's more true to his natural coloring. Like I said in the other comment, so many interests, so little time. Have fun playing!