Playing with Actions

I have taken a couple of online classes regarding action with Amanda from Everyday Elements.  I need a lot more practice and I need to review my class materials and tutorials.  I decided to take the time to play with a picture I took of Tanner on Christmas day.  This is his new buddy "Spike".  It is a pillow.  It is a pet.  It is a pillow pet.  I have heard him say that so many times.  LOL!

The first picture is straight of out the camera (SOOC).  

This picture is using Deep 1 & 2 Actions from Amanda at Everyday Elements.

 This is after I used the two deep cleans and added AMP Berries & Cream Action from Amy McMaster.

 This is after I used the two deep cleans from Amanda and added Coffeeshop Simply Vintage from Rita

Oh!  If I had more time or slept less, I could play more.

Which one do you like?


Pamela O'Connor said...

Oh, thanks for sharing! One of my goals for 2011 is to learn to use actions in PSE. Great job!

Betty S. said...

Lovely picture. I like #'s 2 and 3 best. #2 is brighter than the rest.
I love "Spike"

Jeanne said...

Cute boy with a cute Spike. *Ü* Personally, I like the sooc shot, with maybe the background lightened a little, but of the ones with the actions, I prefer the second one, it's more true to his natural coloring. Like I said in the other comment, so many interests, so little time. Have fun playing!