Get Well Thermometer

I got to play with my new Molly Stamps last Saturday and this is the first card I made that day.  I must confess...the thermometer was my hubby's idea.  My idea was to put the window charm over the face to make it like the bottom of a thermometer.  I told him this was a great idea and he says, "Of course, I have been making cards longer than you."  He has, so he got me there.  He has made me cards since we were started dating (13 years ago) and has continued even though we got married (nine years ago next month).  You know, sometimes things like that stop.  I should show you some cards he has made me sometime.  

Back to this stamp set....Today's Forecast.  It is so fun to work with and you can find the complete set here at Molly Stamps.  There are six faces to play with and many, many words.

Here is a close-up of the thermometer.  You can see I used the words Sick and Run down on my topiary strips of paper.  The window charm was not as easy as I thought it would be.  The window charm was too big, so I had to cut it.  Yes, cut it.  How did I do that?  Well, first I kept it on the plastic it is adhered to in the package.  I placed it over the face image and traced around it with a sharpie marker.  Then I took my Tim Holtz scissors and cut the window charm.  I couldn't believe how well the scissors worked.  Once I had it cut, I sanded the edges with coarse sanding paper.  I check to make sure I measured correctly and then wiped the sharpie marker off the edges.  It fit perfectly!

I used Quirky Alphabet from Molly Stamps to stamp the sentiment inside and added the smiling face this time.  This alphebet is great, because it has a shadow.  You can leave the letters alone and have the shadow the only color or you can color the letter part, so you can have it two colors.  AWESOME!

I hope you like my first creation with Molly Stamps.  You will be seeing their great stamps on my blog an a regular basis.  Check them out!

Happy Stamping!

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Barb W said...

Cute, Kim! I saw these stamps on their website. I think the thermometer is a great idea for the 'sick face'. Really cute.

wendyp said...

I love the thermometer idea! Very cute!!!

Connie said...

Very cute! Can't wait to see what else you do with this set.

stampmonkey said...

That does look like a fun set! Very cute card! Between you and your hubby, I think it's safe to say that you're never gonna come up dry creatively. How sweet that he makes you cards...still! My hubby tried that once -- his solution was to make a photocopy of one he saw in one of my magazines and then cut and fold it into a card of "his" own. lol Not sure about the specific copyright laws, but I'm sure it wasn't legal. Guess it was good he wasn't trying to sell it. ;)

And thanks for the tip on cutting the window charms!

Jeanne said...

Great job, Kim! The thermometer is a great idea!!

Your hubby is a keeper for making you cards...heck I'm lucky if mine remembers to acknowledge me! LOL

Karen said...

Cute card, Kim! That is very sweet about your hubby too. Mine is one who spends time looking for the 'perfect' card and he always finds it! Thanks for sharing!

Adela said...

This is very creative, Kim!