On the Mend!


I want to thank everyone for you encouragement and empathy about my computer problem. I know just enough to be deadly for my computer. Live and learn! I know never to do that again.

After I went to bed, I could not sleep. I was thinking about what I was going to do. Then I thought of something right before I fell asleep, and it worked for most of my file problems. I did have to install of my computer software again. Ugh! I have been doing this all day!

Now, I am working on my email contacts and bookmarks. You know all those bookmarks you have in your search engine. Well, mine are gone! I know I didn't need some of the hundred (exaggerating...a little), but I did need a few for sure.

I hope to create some tomorrow, since today has been spent being a computer gal! Now, I know why they make so much...hee hee!

I hope you have....

Taken time to create!

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Jeanne said...

Well, pain in the you know what as it might be, at least you can work towards getting things up and running again!

Good luck with all the bookmarks!