Snowflake Candle

I am have been busy lately as you know, because I haven't been blogging.  I do have the three videos taped for my brayer class I have been working on for Paper Craft Planet.  Whew!  I have sent them to Susanna to preview to give me her input.  Then I will be working on setting up a group on Paper Craft Planet and getting the materials ready to present the class.

I wanted to show you a new technique I was so happy to learn from Kim.  I always wanted to add a stamp to a candle and have seen it done on YouTube.  We made this cute little snowflake candle last time I was stamping with her.  It is so much easier than I thought it would be.  I am going to need to try this again.

I do have a proud mother moment to share with you.  I have been talking to our boys about respecting girls and my son, Tate made me so proud last week.  They had a play in their classroom last Friday, and there weren't enough chairs for everyone to sit.  He had a chair, but noticed a girl in his class was standing.  He offered his chair to her, so she would have a place to sit.  That's my boy!

I have been inspired to stamp again, since I created my videos last week.  I need to create some anniversary cards.  I have a few I need to send out soon.  In addition, Seth Grandma is going to be 92 this week and we are going to her party.  I want to make her some cards for her birthday present.

Have a good one!
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Jeanne said...

Kim, that snowflake on the tea light looks awesome. What a fun and clever idea. Your friend Kim is so creative. Does she have a blog? If not, you should encourage her to start one. *Ü*

I'm so proud of your Tate. It's obvious that he listens to you and respects girls. AWESOME. You are one fantastic mom with a couple of fantastic young men.

Kim Burmeister said...

Thanks, Jeanne! No, Kim doesn't have a blog. She says she doesn't have the time. I told her she should start one.

Auntie Marg said...

Love the candle and as for you son I have three of them and its really nice to see that there are parents like me who find it really important to teach their sons to respect women you should be proud. Great job on the project and your son.

girlia said...

I love the creative of both you ladies. Just keep the ideas coming love viewing them.