Here is the second layout I did for my digi class at  At first, I thought what picture am I going to use for this one....I have boys.  

Right before Christmas, I was vacuuming and I turned around and saw my boys on their bean bag.  My youngest, Tanner, as you know loves necks.  His older brother, Tate, loves when Tanner holds his neck.  He knows it means Tanner loves him.  Just look at his face.  He is in heaven!  I left the vacuum running, so they wouldn't notice and grabbed my camera.  I got the best shot and it is Beautiful to me. 

If you want to see the journaling, you need to click the layout to enlarge.

I try to take pictures of every day events as much as possible.  That is when I get great pics like the one above.  I think I am going to take the 365 day challenge where I take a picture every day to capture our lives.  I think it would challenge me to improve my photography.  

Tomorrow, I have a card for you.  No, I didn't abandon my stamps.  In fact, I just bought some yesterday....hee hee!  That will be my last post for a while.  We are going to my parents and they do not have wireless for my laptop.  In fact, they finally got a little faster internet than dial up.  They live in the country, so I will be enjoying every aspect of that.  


Look at what my FIL made me for Christmas.  He is a master builder and loves to make presents for people.  When he first asked if I wanted him to make me something for Christmas, I said no.  What was I thinking?  I called him back and let him know what I needed.  I told him it didn't have to be pretty, just something simple.  He knew I had white storage cabinets, so he painted it for me too.  He is awesome!  Now, I have all my punhces in one place.

When I unwrapped my present, he told me to try to fill it up.  I called him after I got it home and said it is about full and he couldn't believe it.  I put it right next to my desk, so I could see all my punches and just reach out to use them.  Yippee!

Happy Stamping!

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Jeanne said...

You are SO right...what a beautiful moment! I'm so glad you captured it and have scrapped it.

Now, as for the comment...I only have boys...I take issue with the notion that you can't scrap girly stuff. Aren't YOU a girl? Don't you have girlfriends, a mom, a sister??? Throw that I only have boys out the window, please! (said with loving kindness...please don't take this the wrong way).

And WOW LOVE your punch storage! What an awesome gift. Enjoy having them organized so nicely!

Clearly Inspired said...

Hi Jeanne,

I don't take offense to that at all. I thought about that, but I don't have any recent pics of them. Isn't that sad? I should take some when I go to my parents this weekend.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Inky hugs!

Connie said...

What an awesome pic and it works wonderfuly with thus layout,

Connie said...

Whoops forgot to comment on the punch storage. I love it but looks like you are going to have to have another one built. LOL!

Pamela said...

What a nice FIL.

Adela said...

Beautiful picture and what sweet boys you have, Kim.

Jen Tapler said...

AWESOME pic Kim!! And you are going to be an expert digi scrapper in just a few more weeks!!! My digi obsession ALL started with Jessica Sprague's classes (I've taken them all and STILL go back and watch those videos when I need a refresher on a particular technique!)...LOVE them!

And holy crap girl! Where do I place my order for a punch shelf??? :-)

scrappychick said...

I print my digi layouts at Costco. After I save my intial 12 x 12 layout, I make a new 12 x 18 canvas in Photoshop. I then duplicate my original. I place one 12 x 12 and resize one to 6 x 6. Then duplicate the 6 x 6. Arrange on your 12 x 18 canvas. This way I get a 12 x 12 and 2-6 x 6 for the price of a 12 x 18. That is 2.99 CDN!

I am a fellow CTMH consultant. Please help me in requesting CTMH offer at least 1-2 kits each catty in digi form. I would like them to be compatible with Photoshop and include Level 1, 2, My Stickease, and stamps in .abr and .png form.

If you have more questions on printing, email me.