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First, I want to show you the roses I got on Mother's Day.  I bought the biggest one after mass on Sunday to donate to a great organization and I got the red one from a mexican restaurant in town, La Mesa.  When we got our bill, they gave me a rose for mom's day.  That was an unexpected surprise.

My DH took our boys to the store Sunday morning to shop for mom.  They got to pick out what they wanted to get me.  Tate picked a pack of red licorice and Tanner picked a case of Diet Pepsi.  My boys know me well!  My two favorite things, especially when I am scrapping!  I am putting money I got from my birthday and mom's day towards a new lens for my camera.  I need to order it soon, so I can play with it.

On Saturday, I sat down with my Good Times Level 2 paper pack and My Stickease and made a few cards.  I don't have time to create this week due to PTA commitments, so I will be showing you the cards I made simpler, easier and faster.  That is CTMH's moto!  

My DH asks me for birthday cards for his employees and I know they will make their way to the trash, so I wanted to make some simple ones.  I used a photo corner punch for the chocolate corners.

Have a great day!

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Barb said...

Sounds like your Mother's Day was great! We had Mexican food, as well, my favorite! Your roses are beautiful! And I think it's cute what the boys gave you for MD...something they knew you would really enjoy. And speaking of enjoy...I love your card...the colors, the paper, the sentiment and the fact that you were able to make something really nice without spending a lot of time on it, knowing where it might end up. I don't know about people. I save each and every hand made card I get. But...that's just me, being a crafter and knowing how much work can go into these things. Ok. Now, if you'll give me a hand...I'll step down off my soap box! LOL! ;-D

Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful day!