I'm baaack!

Yes, we made it home from CALIFORNIA!  My DH and boys went with me, so we visited Disneyland and California Adventure too.  Since I have been back, I have done tons of laundry.  Our washing machine broke right before we left, and luckily we had an extended warranty for it.  Otherwise, I have unpacked and done absolutely nothing.  Going from a warm 67 degrees in CA to 10 degrees in Nebraska is a shock to the system.  I have just wanted to stay inside and under covers.  Reality will hit on Monday when Tate goes back to school and DH goes back to work.

I wanted to share a few pics with you of the wonderful and I mean WONDERFUL people I got to meet.  It was like we were friends forever.

Susanna Boyd (founder & owner of Paper Craft Planet) took us out to eat at Fire & Ice on Monday night.  Here are the great ladies I spent my evening with going from left to right:
Lori Tecler, Lynn Mercurio, me, Sankari Wegman, Susanna Boyd, Deb Felts and Kate Baldwin (founder & owner of i {heart} papers)

Me & my great friend, Barb Walker

We got our picture taken on these scooters at the Making Memories booth to win a SLICE.  We didn't win, but we have a great pic!
Lynn Mercurio, Susanna Boyd, me and Barb Walker

We made these shirts at the SEI booth towards the end of the day on Monday.  Cute!
Lynn Mercurio, me, Sankari Wegman and Susanna Boyd

The Supernovas that went to CHA.
Sankari Wegman, Susanna Boyd, me, Lynn Mercurio and Lori Tecler

I had so much fun meeting everyone and can't wait to go again.  My DH already gave me the go ahead to go next time.  YAY!

I need to get my mojo going, since both of my clubs meet this week and I don't have a project for either of them yet.  Yikes!  I better warm my fingers and get busy!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sue @ McMahon Five Designs said...

Oh Kim! I wish I would have known you were there! I was there too! That would have been fun to meet up!

Maybe since you already have the ok for next time we can work it out. That is if I get the ok. LOL!

Glad you had a great time!

Barb said...

Fun times, my friend! Sooo sorry I had to miss dinner with the gang. I got the go ahead for next time too! Are you planning to go to Summer CHA or did you want to wait for Winter 2011? LOL!! See...I'm ready to roll!!! SUCH fun meeting you, Kim. Now warm up those hands and get busy putting together a wonderful project for your Club Ladies.

Take care now.

Jeanne said...

Fabulous! You all look SO happy. What great memories you'll have of a super special time. Yay that you get to look forward to another one!

Hope you get your fingers warmed up in time to make something fantastic for your ladies!

Sharli said...

Welcome home - thanks for sharing - I feel like i've had a little trip! Your photos are such fun!

Kimberly Crawford said...

Hi Kim!!
It was SO lovely to meet you at CHA!!! Maybe next time we can sit and chat a little bit more!!! And we might have to meet in the middle of a corn field sometime! LOL!!
kimberly :)

Deb said...

So much fun! The pictures just make me smile! Was so wonderful to have such a warm, comfortable new friendship!

Tammy Hershberger said...

GREAT pictures, Kim! I'm so glad you got to go to CHA! LOVE the scooter picture!