My Friend

Here is another card I made last week with my friend, Kim.  I love how we used the movers & shapers to make this.

I haven't taken time to create this week.  You know why?  I am ADDICTED!  Yes, addicted to the series LOST.  We have Netflix and my sister, Connie told me I would like it.  She is right.  I can't quit watching it.  I am working on a scrapbook layout and I am getting materials cut for Jeri's workshop this weekend.  Hopefully, I will create tonight.


wendyp said...

love that orange and teal! Fun design!

Lynn Mercurio said...

What a great flip/flop card, although all I see is flop here! =) What a great creation full of great color and interactive interest.

Welcome to the Lost Fan Club...I'm still scratching my head over the ending. HA!

Sparkle said...

What a darling card! I love these colors too!

Jeanne said...

Great color combination for the card, Kim. I'll bet it was fun to make.

As for lost me...I've had zero interest in the series, so all the hullabaloo is lost on me. LOL I'm so glad you are enjoying it!