Do You Like Lips?

I am feeling awesome!  I am doing my foot exercises and can start bending my toes...yay!  I am walking better every day.  Thanks to all of you who have sent me get well wishes, cards and goodies.  You are all so sweet and make my recovery even better.

I have shown you some artwork from my  oldest son, Tate.  Tanner has started to bring some of his artwork home from Kindergarten.

He came home from school one day and asked me "Do you like lips?".  I said, "Yes."  He asked, "Do you like big lips?"  I said, "Yes."  He took this picture of his fish with big lips out of his backpack.  I love it!

We had Seth's dad make a frame for it, and we hung it in our bathroom upstairs.  I get to see it every day and love it each time I see it.  He knows the way to his mother's heart.  He used favorite color.

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Sally L said...

That is so cute! He is quite the artist. :)

Anonymous said...

that is just so cute. and so gladit will be hanging somewhere, so it can bring a smil to your lips each day...monna

Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

He's giving you kisses from the fishes ... It's very sweet. Blessings! Amy.

Jeanne said...

Wow! This is awesome and how wonderful that you put it in a frame and hung it. What a great idea and something that Tate/Tanner (not sure which as you used both names) can always be proud of.

{Lynn - that's me!} said...

This is AWESOME Kim...a little Van Gogh in the making, he is!

Tell him I love his big lip fish!

I'm also happy to hear you are doing better..that's always good news!