Happy Birthday Tanner!

I can't believe my baby is three already! I have to tell you a gross, but funny story that happened yesterday, Tuesday. My day started out very busy after waking up every hour, because Tanner has a bad cough. Well, I was cooking eggs on the stove, sausage in the microwave, and english muffins in the toaster oven. I was making my famous Egg McKim. My son, Tate needed his allergy medicine and Tanner was sitting at the kitchen table eating french toast sticks and hubby was taking a shower. Tanner gagged, because he was eating big bites and I asked him if he was okay and he said yes. Tate was crying, because he had to go to school after a long weekend and I was still juggling breakfast, when Tanner gagged again and threw up all over himself. That isn't the worst of it...I looked over and part of a french toast stick was hanging out of his mouth and he was sucking it back in to eat. I told him to spit it out and he shook his head no and continued to eat it. All this made Tate cry even more, so what did I do? I started laughing and told Tanner that was gross. I know that wasn't the correct perfect mom reaction, but I never claimed to be one of those. I couldn't help it! It was so gross and I couldn't believe he was eating what he just upchucked. My mom said it wouldn't be sour yet, so I guess that is a plus, right? ROFL!

Well, I turned off the stove and the toaster oven and whisked Tanner up and ran downstairs to have him take a shower with his dad. I told hubby what happened. As I ran back upstairs to clean up the mess, I heard him tell Tanner he shouldn't eat the food he throws up. I had to laugh again. Who would think we would ever have to tell our kids THAT.

I knew Tanner wouldn't eat the perfectly good french toast stick that was left on his plate, so I threw it away. I might not eat french toast for awhile. I wondered if I could eat breakfast and continued cooking my famous McKim. Once it was done, I was fine and had a great breakfast myself. LOL! If you ever had one of my breakfast sandwiches, you would have been able to also. I think I am going to have to write this one down for when he is older. Oh, Tate wondered if Tanner got out of going to school. I told him no, because he might try this himself if that is all it takes to stay home. Tanner did go to school. He wasn't sick just ate too much too fast.

I had another full day planned and didn't have time to stamp on Tuesday either, so I pulled a card from my card box. This is Tanner's birthday card. It was made by Sue Shade, a fellow CTMH Independent Consultant. I know, I know...I didn't make him a card. Well, I planned too and the day just flew by. I know he doesn't care about the cards yet, so I can get by with one from someone else. I really like the one Sue made, because Tanner loves cars.

Here are Tanner's presents for his birthday. He is getting an L-Max from his parents, L-Max cartridges from Tate and Grandma A and Grandpa A, t-ball from Grandma B and Grandpa B, The King remote control car from the movie CARS and a hooded cars towel. We get to go to McDonald's for supper...yeah! Notice yeah is not in caps, but the boys get to pick where they want to eat on their special day.

The blog candy winner will be posted tomorrow....I wonder who won!

Thanks for stopping by and reading a piece of our life.
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Beli said...

Sounds like you had an interesting morning yesterday.
Did you get pictures? That sounds like it could be a wonderful layout to scrapbook.

heather said...

All I can say is GROSS! Or as we say in our house quite often is "disgusting!"

Ijsbeer said...

Happy Birthday to Tanner!

I love Mac Donalds. I still order Happy Meals because of their awesome toys and I don't have any kids to use as an excuse. I only go when I am holiday. Mostly with a friend. Last time we went she ended up ordering happy meal too and pretending it was for her 8 month old kid. Haha. I just have no shame. Lol.

Hope you have a great celebration. And that he remembers what not to do when eating dinner. I always cry if I throw up so I cannot believe he just kept on like nothing happend. wow..

dasimonds said...

Cute story... lol
We've all had that kind of day...
If you haven't yet..you will !
"Happy Birthday Tanner"...
really cute card.. Is that car stamp fron CTMH ? I would like that one.
Hope your day got better..