My Pazzles is coming! My Pazzles is coming!

My Pazzles is scheduled to be delivered on Monday. My UPS guy better watch out...I might tackle him to get my new toy! My sister got hers on Friday and she hasn't played with it yet! She didn't even know she got it until I called her to check her tracking. It said hers was delivered and she asked her son. "Oh, yeah! You did get a big package." We teased each other about who would get it first and she won! Since she didn't play with hers yet, I told her that I should have gotten mine first. Yes, I need to read more of my Kindness book.

Okay, I was asked to provide the link of the Pazzles Inspiration, so you could see what I saw when I just had to have this wonderful machine. Here it is:

Pazzles Inspiration

There is a little window underneath the picture that shows video. Click on that to see the HSN presentation they aired on TV.

Thanks for all of your great suggestions and nice comments on the blog candy post. I will be drawing a winner on Monday and posting who won on Tuesday with my video tutorial.

Happy Stamping!

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Rose said...

I saw your post on the Pazzle and was wondering if you like it? I am computer Savvy but am totally new in the Scrap Book World. So I am debating on The Pazzle or the Cricut.