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I have been tagged by Inky Prints left by Inkyfingerz.

I am supposed to share seven random and/or weird facts about myself. Hmmm!
  1. I hate swimming in lakes, ponds, even oceans. I don't like to swim with fish and I have a phobia about sharks attacking me. I think that is because JAWS is one of the scariest movies to me, and I watch it every time it is on TV.
  2. In my twenties, I owned over 60 pairs of shoes and now...I have only about 15. Four of them are running shoes that I wear most of the time.
  3. My parents were going to name me "Bruce" if I was a boy.
  4. Those of you who know me KNOW I really hate spiders. My worst nightmare would be spiders after me on land and then sharks in the water....LOL!
  5. My favorite girl name is Elizabeth Mary.
  6. I love eating taco pizza at Happy Joe's Pizza Parlor. I grew up on that pizza and I haven't found anything better. I drag my mom there every time we visit my parents.
  7. I love hedgehog stamps by Penny Black. I only have one, because the scrap stores in Omaha don't sell them. I love seeing the cards people make with those cute little guys.
Okay so the rules are...

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I have decided to tag some NEW CTMH blogs I have found that rock!

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Happy Stamping!

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