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I am a little confused over my last post. I never got an email notification for Tutorial Time, so many of you might not have received one either. Scroll down for the tutorial if you missed it.

Okay! I have been wanting to post artwork from those of you who send me what you are creating. I don't create on the weekends much, so I would like to post paper projects I get from YOU! My first, dilemma is what to call this weekly post. I have been racking my brain to come up with a good name and cannot (help). SO! If you can think of a good name for the weekend artwork from you, I would be so grateful. In fact, grateful enough to send you some goodies. Is that enticing? I hope so. Just leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Second, I would love to see more artwork from all of you. If you cardlift or scraplift anything I do, I would love to see it and post it. You don't even have to lift from me. I just would like to see what you are making and I might lift from you. So if you send me something know it will be posted. Just send me an email with attachment to In addition, if I see something on your blog that I think others would like to see, I will link those for this weekly posting too.

Finally, here is some artwork I received from Debbie W. I don't create heritage pages, so I was glad to receive some. I am too busy working on my boys' albums that I haven't done blasts from the pasts. Maybe when I am old (90...LOL! Inside joke with my sister.) and gray (Oh, I am that already.) I will work on some heritage pages. She has sent me more than this, so stay tuned. Thanks for the artwork, Debbie!

Happy Stamping!

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Connie said...

What a great idea. Great work Debbie.

WH10B said...

here are a couple of ideas for the weekend artwork

weekend workroom
weekend wrap up
weekend showcase

WH10B said...

this is Jenny the flutist from St Leo's

Karen M said...

Hi Kim ... I'm pretty new to this blog, but am really enjoying your art! Thanks for sharing!
Some suggestions for your weekend art ...
Weekend Warriers
Weekend Whimsy
What a Weekend
Weekend Creations

Looking forward to your next post!

Sherry H said...

Love your website and all of your great ideas -- thanks!

My thoughts for the weekend artwork:

Weekend Summary
Wrapping It Up
The Week In Review
Here's From You
Share's From You

-- Sherry

Sherry H said...

Just thought of a couple more:

From Your Point of View
From Your Side of the Table
Artwork With Your Touch

-- Sherry

Bev said...

Hi Kim I have a suggestion for your weekly post from other people. How about something like Scrappers Hodgepodge or Kim's Hodgepodge Post.

Nikki said...

How about you call it The Lifter's Corner, Or Liftacular?