Christmas Gift

First, let me tell you something about being the only girl in the household. We went out to eat today for lunch. I threw on some mascara and earrings right before we left the house as "the boys" sat in the van waiting for me. We go out to eat, take a ride through the park and come home. I finished working on the project below and finally went by a mirror. Guess what? I had two different earrings in and no one noticed. I had a silver stud in one ear and a blue jeweled earring in the other. I noticed right away. Now, I sat across from my DH and youngest son at the restaurant and neither of them noticed. I think if I had a girl with us, she would have noticed. Am I wrong? Well, either my boys don't look at me or they don't care what I wear. Hee Hee! Okay, now on with my project.

I can't believe it will be December in just a couple of days. Since Thanksgiving, I have been cleaning and getting Christmas decorations out and our tree up. I finally had time to create a gift for the secretary at Tate's school. She loves cards, so I order one of CTMH's card kits and put all the cards together for her. Then I made this card bag out of a 12 x 12 piece of Christmas paper. I got this card bag idea from Angie Juda Kennedy on YouTube here. Thanks, Angie!

I added the image, Christmas Gift, from DZ Doodles to the front. Perfect image, because she is holding a gift. The pattern paper is from my stash, and made by daisyd's. The red flowers were given to me by my friend, Diane. Thanks, Di! I added some bling to the middle of the flowers. I added liquid applique to her Santa's hat, glitter to the bow and liquid glass to her shoe.

Here are the copics I used on Shelby.

Take time to create!

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melissac said...

I love this project!! Diane's image works perfectly with it!! Blessings and Hugs!

Sharli said...

Oh Kim, I had to laugh at your story about the earrings. I think men are SO afraid to say anything about what we're wearing (it's usually a no-win situation) that they just assumed you meant it to be that way and they should just accept it and go along!

The card is sweet! Nice work!

Leslie said...

men are not detail oriented. They may have looked but it wouldn't register that they were looking at two different earrings.

Oh my gosh, my word verification is "gynetory". I love trying to pronounce the words the computer gives you to spell.

Jeanne said...

Now that is a funny little story! Thanks for sharing it. I'm not sure my little girls would have noticed. Well, I take that back, they would have but only because I don't wear earrings anymore (hurts my ears), so the fact I even had any one would be noticeable. Steve, nah, he wouldn't have noticed. LOL

Your bag is adorable! Great idea!!! Happy Monday, Kim!

Donna said...

Funny, men of any age seem to think their girls look amazing no matter what.
This is a great project, I like all the detail elements you brought in, thanks for sharing.