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Hello! I haven't been creating cards or scrapbook pages lately, but I have been busy. You know how I LOVE my punches. Well, I always see all of these cute animals, etc. made with the punches I own and I finally decided to start a punch book. YAY! I love making these little characters and "things". Most of the ones I have made so far are animals, expect for the ice cream cone you see here. There are so many fun projects to make with punches that I have just touched the tip of the iceberg. I will give you updates to my book when I have more done. Oh, and this is a fun project I can do with my boys. Tanner has been helping me. His attention span lasts for about two animals and then he is done. We work on a couple a day, and then I try to make a couple of them without him.

Here is the card my DH gave me for our 10th wedding anniversary. He usually makes the card fit what he gives me or the number of years. Since I told him I didn't want anything this year, since we are going on a trip in January (partly for our anniversary), he made it for the number of years.

That is why this read "for the next 10 years". Isn't he a keeper? Yes, he is!

Take time to create!

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melissac said...

Your punch creations are so cute!! I love them!! Thanks for sharing!

Leslie said...

You are blessed my friend.

Adela said...

Awwwww, he makes cards for you? How sweet! Did you ask him why only 10 more years?

Kim Burmeister said...

It is because it signifies it is our 10 year anniversary. It ties together in 10 years, he will put 20...LOL!

Michele L. said...

The punches are cute, but that card from your DH is the best!
happy anniversary!

Sharli said...

I think your punch book is awesome! I loved it when I realized I could use a circle and a couple of leaves and make it look like a bunny! I haven't done anything as creative as you have shown just here, though!

The card "WANTED" - would make me cry! (with joy, of course). Isn't that what we all want? To be wanted?

Good for you!

Lynn Mercurio said...

Wow, I'm so impressed that you husband MAKES you are card. I think it's the most romantic thing! (lol on what Adela said)

Your punch reference guide is awesome and what a great tool to have.

Jeanne said...

What a great idea to make a punch book, and I love it that your boys will work with you on it. Hmmmm...something for me to think about doing with the girls....LOL

I just love that your hubby makes you cards. He is so sweet and definitely a keeper.

Hope you had a lovely anniversary!

Jena said...

What fun punch creations and what a sweet anniversary card - TFS!

Donna said...

What a nice card!! That is so sweet.
It is our 36th Anniverary today.