Embellishment Center

Okay, I haven't had time to stamp yet this week. Today, I finished cleaning for company, ran errands and took my youngest to the doctor. He has strep, so all the kisses I gave him at the doctor's office while we were playing in the room might be more than I thought I was getting. Oh well, kisses from my boys are worth whatever sickness I might get. There will be one day they won't give kisses so freely.

I want to show you what I bought at Michaels this weekend with my 40% off coupon. It is from Making Memories and it is called an embellishment center. This is the picture on the box. I saw this on another blog and I knew just where to put it in my scrapbook room. The Michaels in Omaha does not carries these, so I got mine in Des Moines.

The picture above is what it is supposed to look like completely filled. I don't think mine will look that pretty, but it will still be a nice addition to my room.

This is what mine looks like now on the floor. Now I have to talk my husband into hanging it up for me. Yes, I know I could do it on my own. I don't like to have to figure out how to hang it perfectly straight and what to use, so it doesn't fall off the wall when I fill it. If he does it, I know it will stay hanging and if it doesn't, it isn't my fault. LOL!

I will have to show you my embellishment center once I have it up and filled. It might take awhile, so don't hold you breath...

Have a great day!
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Jean said...

Very nice! Now I'm sad there's no Michael's in Hawaii.

Maria said...

Oooh very pretty. Be sure and take a picture when you have it on the wall and filled with your goodies.

Jeanne said...

NICE! You are going to have so much fun setting up your embellishments!