Embossed Butterfly

I have been reading your comments and I am so glad, because I have had these 3 x 3 cards on my desk for a few weeks and didn't know what image to put on them. Every time I stamped an image it just didn't look right. Since so many of you have written that you like to emboss I tried this technique. I was finally satisfied with how they looked. THANKS! I need to emboss more. I think I don't, because my embossing gun is not out all the time. As they say...out of sight, out of mind. That would be true in this case. I need to find a place to have my embossing gun and powders out and I think I would use them more.

I think butterflies are so elegant and when I see flowers I think of them. I did not stamp much this weekend, because we spent a lot of time out by our pool. It has been so humid. I see the butterflies around our flowers, and that makes me want to use my butterfly images. I like the "real" looking ones the best.

I took a picture of three of the four cards together, so you could see how light effects the look of an embossed image depending on where it was in relation to the light. Okay, I am really going to have to set my embossing gun on my windowsill now. I definitely need to use it more. I love these butterflies. By the way, the name of the stamp set is Butterflies too. I used Buttercup and Spring Iris cardstock.

Another technique I used on these cards are using my clear block as a solid stamp. I stamped the block with no image on the ink pad and stamped the clear block on the Buttercup cardstock. Viola! It stamps a really neat square image for a background. I used Sweet Leaf ink to complete this technique. I learned this from my upline in Close To My Heart, Chris. The stamping community is a vast resource for new and cool ideas. I {heart} being part of this community.

Happy Monday!
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Jeanne said...

These are beautiful! I LOVE butterflies and I can just imagine how wonderful they must look in person!!

Thanks for the tip on using the block. I'll have to try it, as the look is pretty darn cool.


Jeanne said...

How do I rate posts? I see that you have yours that have been rated, but when I click on the stars, I see ratings for previous posts, not the butterfly one.

If I could, I'd give it 5 stars!