I had something totally different planned to share with you today, and then I went to the mailbox. They're here! TAGS! I participated in a tag swap with other CTMH consultants where we had to pick a CTMH color and make a tag displaying that color in a creative way. Everyone made the same size tag, so we can put them on an "O" ring and show them to people. It is an awesome way to show what colors we carry in paper, ink, etc. Each of us had to make 60 tags of one color and send them to a host, who divided them up and mailed the entire color set back to us. I am so happy with my tag collection. Click on any tag to enlarge it for the detail. Below are my favorites:

I choose the color Olive, so here is mine.

Here are my favorites with the creative consultants' names:

Rose Johnson; Unknown

Unknown; Joanne Coleman

Jennifer Szustakowski (both tags) The black looks really good in person due to the embossing.

Dawn Neal (both tags) I always like Dawn's work.

Unknown; Unknown

Unknown; Unknown - Don't you just love the magnifying glass for the bugs and the baby design for the blue is heavenly....LOL! CUTE!

I would have liked to given the consultants credit, if they would have signed the back of their artwork. That is why I put unknown.

I would like to know which one is your favorite in the comments section.

It is Friday the 13th while I am writing this, so I am going to sign off and go find a scary movie to watch...LOL! I think the Exorcist is on Bravo. I love Friday the 13th!

Have a great day and weekend!
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Connie said...

I like the black one the best because of all the embossing

Anonymous said...

It's a tough call, but I think I have to go with the chocolate!