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I have been tagged by one of my favorite Bloggers, Ana (Ink A Stamp). Thanks, Ana! It is a honor for you (who ROCKS) to tag me. I love your work! I am suppose to tag five blogs that I think are "Rockin' It" and then let them know. This is going to be hard, since I have so many favorites. I wish I could pick more than five, but that is the game. I am going to try to tag some Rockin' Ladies I do not have listed on my sidebar to show you talent I have not taken the time to add to my inspiration list. Here they are:

1. I have to tag, Jeanne (Creative Bliss), because we started blogging at the same time and we have become great email friends. She is on my sidebar, but I like her work and her so much I had to tag her. I know if we lived in the same town, we would hang out all the time. Jeanne is a talented paper artist and she just started digital scrapbooking. SHE ROCKS!

2. Julia (Belle Papier) is another blog I check daily. I just found her a couple of weeks ago and love to see what she is working on...she makes some rockin' pieces of art.

3. Debbie (Thinking Inking) is very creative. I love to she what she has done next. Her use of Copic markers is awesome! She has peeked my interest in these cool markers! Check her rockin' site out!

4. Teresa (Inkfully Yours) is a blog you need to visit. She has some rockin' talent! She has a way with stamps....WOW! You need to see it! Rock on over!

5. Kendra (Inkin' It Up) has awesome artwork on her site. Wowzie! It is a must see. She definitely knows how to rock it up too!

There are so many more I would love to name. I am a little embarassed regarding how many blogs I subscribe to, but I get inspiration from all of them. Keep it coming! LOVE IT!

Happy Stamping!
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Teresa said...

Thanks for taggin' me! I am honored!!! You have a great blog too!