Cherish Layout

I can't believe I finished another scrapbook layout. I created five layouts using the CTMH Cherish book on May 5th and this is the second one I have totally completed with pictures. I thought I had pictures of this layout without the pictures saved on my computer, but I can't find them. I was going to show you how the pictures make a layout, but I got tired of searching through files.

I am so happy when I finish a layout and the boys love to look at them, but it seems to take me forever to go to the basement to print pictures. It takes a long time to find the ones I want to print, and then print them the sizes they need to be. It is not as much fun as playing with all of my scrapping and stamping toys, so I put it off.

Here is page one of the double page layout. I can't believe how little Tanner was, and shame on me for being this far behind on his scrapbook. He will be three in September. I don't think I will ever catch up, but I will have fun trying. The picture on the left he was just a few days old, and the picture on the right he was almost two months old. Boy, they grow up fast!

When Tate saw this layout, he said, "Mom, your hair looks funny." I tried growing it out, when I was pregnant. It didn't take long for me to cut it off. Don't you just love kids and their honesty. I guess he likes my hair now.

Of course, page two has his big brother and him as the main picture. Tate sure loves his little brother. Sometimes Tanner doesn't want that many kisses and hugs. LOL!

Saturday night I went to Archivers to scrap all by myself. I like going to scrap places and meeting new people, who share the same passion for this great hobby! My DH had a gig in his home town and the boys went to stay all night at their grandparents leaving me all alone. DARN! LOL! I usually scrap at home, since I have so many supplies, but a girl needs to get out once in awhile.

Another question:

Terese asked, "When you sit down to make a card what do you do first to come up with an idea?" Most of the time, I usually sit down and look in my scrap container and see if I have a scrap big enough for a card base, then I pick a stamp set to will work with that color. For example, if I am using hot pink, I won't do a sympathy card. If I don't get a card base from my scraps, I start with the stamp set and pick out a color combo I want to work with. I just start building and looking at my supplies to see what I can add. I love using my scraps, because I feel like I am saving money that way. Save a little here, spend a little there! LOL!

There have been times that I will like a color combo on a ribbon or pattern paper and I do start with that and build a card around it. One time for scrapbooking, I designed an entire two-page layout around a tall skinny clown that stretch down the page. Remember, Terese! LOL! For those of you who don't know, Terese is the one who turned me into this obsessed scrapbooking addict, which lead me to stamping! She would laugh at me when I would buy an embellishment just because I thought it was cute. Terese would ask me how I was going to use it, and I would tell her I can build a layout from this. She would just shake her head. Thanks, Terese!

Happy Stamping!
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