Gobble til you Wobble

Remember when I cleaned my craft room? I found a bunch of layouts I either purchased or put together a long time ago that I have not used. Yesterday, I decided to choose a few layouts and get them finished.

The first one I chose is below. A Thanksgiving layout I purchased from Michaels. I don't even remember how long I have had this one. I went to my picture archives and found my pictures from this year. You know, I think this is the one holiday I scrap every year. I don't know why, but I seem to be up to date. Don't ask me about Christmas!

I finished four layouts yesterday, so it will be a scrapping week this week. I have a busy one starting on Tuesday through Friday. Of course, the boys are excited because we might get a snow storm that is supposed to start Tuesday at noon. They are hoping for no school on Wednesday. Normally, I would be too. Not this week though, because we have a big PTA event planned next Wednesday. If they don't go to school this Wednesday, the winter singing program will be moved to the 16th. That messes up my PTA plans and I don't know when I would reschedule it.

Enough babbling! Hope you have a great day!

Happy Scrapping!

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Jeanne said...

That's a great layout, Kim! Good job!

I hope that your plans aren't messed up due to the weather. We were supposed to wake up to 2-4 inches of additional snow this morning and that didn't happen, although it is like 5 degrees outside. Let's hope they were wrong about the storm?? Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Sparkle said...

How cute! I love your turkey!

Adela said...

How CUTE!!! Love that gobble til you wobble!