Paper and ribbon...these are a few of my favorite things!

Paper and ribbon are just a few of my favorite things. I can't wait to buy all the paper packets once a new CTMH Idea Book comes out, and I almost have all the designer ribbon rounds except one. I have heard when in doubt add ribbon!

This is an aerial view of my shelves to the right of my scrapping table. As you can see my shelves are lined with vertical paper holders.

Here you can see I divide my cardstock into 12 x 12 Cropper Hopper paper holders. I label them by color and put each individual color, i.e. Sweet Leaf, Olive, etc. into 13 x 13 resealable bags that have a ziplock closure. I leave my Level 2 paper kits in their ziplock storage bags and divide them by boy and girl themes. This way when I want to create a layout, I just grab the paper pack I want to use and all the coordinating cardstock is with it.

Here is my "expensive" storage case for my big ribbon rounds. LOL! I use a shoe box with a flip top lid to store these. Two rows fit perfectly in this box, so I didn't have to spend much money on this organizational product. Money saved is money spent on other scrapping supplies. LOL!

I have two of these containers that hold my American Craft ribbon. These containers can be found at Hobby Lobby too. They are inexpensive and hold the small rounds of ribbon.

I can't believe it I forgot to take a picture of my CTMH ribbon storage case. Since I am at my parents, I can't just ran to my room and click some pictures, so click here to see our ribbon storage case that is similiar to the My Accents case. It is light weight and easy to travel with. It holds our ribbon rounds and I don't crop without it. Since our ribbon matches all of our paper and embellishments, it is a must for me to have at my side.

As you can see I am not a ribbon snob, who has to buy just one kind. I do rely on my CTMH ribbon when the color needs to be a perfect match. I have a few ribbon spools that I don't use much stored in the bottom of my wooden tool chest that I will show you tomorrow.

Have a great day and stamp for me...I am having withdrawals since I am out of town.

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