BLOG Trouble

Hello everyone! I hope this message I am typing gets to you soon! I am sorry my posts have not been coming to you. No, I haven't taken a break or been on vacation. I have been having blog trouble. I posted Bugs & Kisses a couple of days ago and since then my blog hasn't been sent and my pictures keep disappearing. Ugh! I hate technical problems, because I am not good at figuring these things out. I think I have the picture problem fixed (for now). I am still working on why my posts are not being sent. I pray each night they get sent and check my emails bright and early the next day only to be disappointed lately. Well, I hope you enjoy Bugs & Kisses and I have a couple of other cards made for my next posts.

Have a great day!


Cindy Vernon said...

Hi Kim,
Hope your computer troubles are over. In the meantime, you've been tagged! Go to my website at for instructions on how to play!

Jeanne said...

Oh Shoot, I'm too late! I was going to tag you, Kim! LOL